Our Promise

House Everyone STL (HESTL) is a non-profit established to lead transformational system-wide change in ending homelessness in the St. Louis region. We are not a homeless services provider.

Our Promises


  • Implement existing best practices and models as evidenced by successful outcomes in other major U.S. cities.
  • Galvanize the business community through partnerships and strategic and operational alignment with a strict focus on outcomes.
  • Listen and respond to community needs to facilitate systems change in the homeless services sector.
  • Partner, collaborate, and execute policy initiatives with government, business, academia, congregations, and private citizens.
  • Innovate and create focused solutions for ending homelessness in our city and region.
  • Fundraise and continuously identify and support services gaps that arise in the system.
  • Create system efficiencies helping homeless services agencies continuously improve and further their impact.  


  • Operate homeless shelters or provide direct client services.
  • Repeat and/or implement policies not aligned with the greater community.

This approach has been successful in communities throughout the United States, with one-time funding leading to sustained resourcing and system change.

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