Our Mission

End homelessness as we know it by establishing a pathway for our unhoused neighbors to a home with dignity.

Our approach

Collaborate with regional stakeholders and community service providers to deliver data-driven, best-practice solutions that facilitate the rapid and permanent rehousing of our unhoused neighbors and maximize resources.

Our System

A systemic approach will bring order and efficiency to help quickly get people into homes with the supportive resources they need.


House Everyone STL is not  a direct service provider, but we support the creation and maintenance of programs and initiatives including:

  • Diversion: Helping people avoid homelessness before they are on the street.
  • Emergency Shelter: A brief and non-recurring stay before attaining a permanent solution.
  • Permanent Housing Options: Personalized solutions that provide a secure place to live on a long-term basis with independence and stability.
  • Rapid Rehousing: connects families and individuals to housing with a package of time-limited financial assistance and needed supportive services.
  • Permanent Supportive Housing: long-term leasing assistance combined with supportive services for households with at least one member having a disability.


Are you currently experiencing homelessness? Call the St. Louis Housing Helpline.

Need rental or utility resources? Call 2-1-1.

Need additional resources? Check out the service directory.