HESTL STL believes that the best way to end homelessness in St. Louis is through an interconnected system of services, overseen by a designated entity. This approach has been proven successful in other cities and HESTL is dedicated to making it work in St. Louis.

Our Timing

The current system of managing and administering homeless services, including public and private funding, data collection and analysis, and program and service review and improvement is uncoordinated because of several things, the most striking of which is the process through which HUD funding is sought and allocated. HUD is the largest single funder of homeless services programs in the city, and requires massive review, analysis, and reporting. Providers have done monumental work in executing and administering these programs, while knowing things can and should be more efficient and effective. The current system does not lend itself to transparency or efficiency.

House Everyone STL is a 501c3

Founded in 2021 that engaged with the St. Louis City Continuum of Care (CoC) in October 2022 to operate as the Support Agency for the CoC, specifically utilizing and implementing proven best practices and recommended by HUD. In addition, the availability of and engagement with strong, successful models and evidence from other cities and regions has provided a framework and pathway for systems change in STL (Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Columbus OH, San Jose CA, Utah).

Looking Forward

HESTL hired an Executive Director and Assistant Executive Director in January 2023 and continued to provide a CoC Support Manager as it did from October 2022. The staff bring experience, expertise, and passion needed to implement system change and end homelessness.