Our Promise

House Everyone STL (HESTL) is a non-profit established to lead transformational system-wide change in ending homelessness in the St. Louis region. We are not a homeless services provider.

We are committed to becoming the Collaborative Applicant for St. Louis City Continuum of Care (CoC) funding, and improve the program, funding, and system analysis to align with national best practices and HUD guidelines. For the first time in more than 20 years, the Collaborative Applicant status for HUD CoC funding is open for bid, and HESTL plans to gain that status. Now is the time to make lasting, impactful systems change in the St. Louis region with a one-time funding infusion to allow HESTL establish the structure needed to implement and maintain these transformational changes.

  • Assist the St. Louis City CoC to reach a threshold where more people are relieved of their homelessness than are experiencing homelessness in any given year. 
  • Provide operational and administrative support for the St. Louis City Continuum of Care (CoC), member agencies, and the homeless services network.
  • Align mission and impact by implementing state-of-the-art data collection and reporting, leading to exceptional system-level analysis and decision making.
  • Establish partnerships and collaborate with government, business, academia, faith-based organizations, and citizens to implement policy initiatives and respond to community needs through innovation and focused solutions.
  • Create system efficiencies to support homeless service agencies in continuously improving and furthering their impact.
  • Secure non-government funding mechanisms to support service and system gaps, and provide support to homeless services providers. 

This approach has been successful in communities throughout the United States, with one-time funding leading to sustained resourcing and system change.

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